Hitachi AFM5100N
Atomic Force Microscope

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General purpose small AFM equipped with a high resolution sensor.

The Hitachi AFM5100N is a compact, multi-functional AFM with self-sensing cantilevers requiring no laser adjustment. Simply place the sample and the self-detecting holder and the AFM5000II control software with its one-click, auto-adjust measurement will do the rest.

The self-detecting lever with built-in sensor is a cantilever piezo-resistance sensor combined through MEMS technology. The cantilever uses components mounted on boards combined with wiring. Replacement of the cantilever can be easily performed by even a novice user.


Detection method Self-detection method (Optic lever method) (Selectable)
Sample size Maximum 35mm, Thickness 10mm (exclusive jig usage time 20mm)
Scan range (In-plane/Vertical) 20um/ 1.5um, 100um/ 15umH, 150um/ 5umH, 110um/ 6umH
(Closed loop control)
Measurement functions DFM (Dynamic Force Mode), PM (Phase mode)
Positioning microscope Top observation USB camera, Zoom microscope, Optic microscope,
Metal microscope
Vibration isolation mechanism Simple isolation block, Bench top vibration-isolation stand,
frame-isolation stand
Operation window Flow chart form navigation system
Surface roughness measurement Surface roughness JIS standard (JIS R 1683:2007)
Function expandability AFM, STM, SIS、FFM, LM-FFM, VE-AFM/DFM, Adhision, CURRENT, KFM, PRM, SNDM, SSRM, EFM, MFM