Hitachi AFM5300E
Environmental AFM Control Unit

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An environment control type probe microscope (SPM) that supports various measurement environments including air, vacuum, and liquids. In addition to observing shape or properties of material surfaces in various temperature environments, it is able to use a surface change temperature monitor function to quantitatively evaluate changes in surface properties by a process that continuously changes temperatures.


Detection system Low coherent optic lever method 4 part transition detection system
Resolution Atomic resolution
Sample size 20mmφ, thickness 10mm
Sample drive range X-Y Stage 5mm
Scan range Standard: 20 um x 20um/1.5 umH 150 umx 150um/5 umH
15 um x 15um/1.5 umH (Closed system)
Positioning microscope Simple microscope (×200 mag)
Optic microscope (×1000 mag)
Zoom microscope (×700 mag)
Metal microscope (with differential interference) ()×2000 mag)
Measurement functions AFM (Contact)
PM (Phase)
FFM (Friction)
MFM (Magnetic force)
SIS mode
LM-FFM (Traverse vibration friction)
VE-AFM/DFM (visco-elasticity)
Adhesion (absorption force)
SSRM (Spread resistance)
PRM (piezo-electric response)
KFM (Surface phase)
AFM/DFM in solution
EC-AFM/STM (Electrochemistry) 
NanoIndentation (Hardness)
Nano-TA (nano-thermal)